Aces and Kings Solitaire

Aces and Kings Solitaire is a challenging game of skill which is played with 2 decks of standard 52-cards set. The aim is to build four foundations up from Ace to King and another four foundations down from King to Ace regardless of suit.

RESERVE - 13 cards each are dealt face-up to two reserve piles.

TABLEAU - 4 tableau piles; One card is dealt face-up to each of the 4 tableau piles.

WASTE - One card is automatically dealt face-up to the waste pile.

STOCK - Remaining cards are set aside forming a stock pile.

FOUNDATION - Eight empty foundation piles.

  • Four foundation piles are built up from Ace to King and remaining four foundation piles are built down from King to Ace irrespective of suit.
  • Play starts with moving any available Ace or King to the foundation.
  • Tableau pile can only have one card at a time. Once a card from a tableau pile is played to the foundation, it is automatically filled by a card from the stock pile.
  • Player can click on the stock pile anytime which deals 1 card face-up onto the waste pile. No redeal is allowed.
  • Top card of a reserve pile or waste pile is available for play to the foundation.
  • Cards can be moved from one foundation pile to another foundation pile.
  • Empty tableau pile can be filled with one card from any other pile.

The game is won once all cards are moved to the foundation piles.

  • Drag and drop cards between two piles.
  • Double-click a card to automatically move to the foundation.