Alhambra Solitaire

At the beginning an Ace and a King of each suit are dealt to 8 foundation piles. First 4 piles start with an Ace and are built up by suit. Next 4 piles start with a King and are built down by suit.
Four cards each are dealt to 8 reserve piles. Only the top card of each reserve pile is available for play to either the foundation or, the waste. It can be placed on waste if it is either one rank higher or one rank lower than top card in the waste and of same suit. An ace can be placed on a king, or a king can be placed on an ace.
Remaining cards are placed in a stock pile. Cards from the stock can be moved one at a time to the waste. Top card of the waste pile is available for play to the foundation. Once stock gets empty, cards in the waste pile can be moved to the stock. Two such redeals are allowed so a player can go through the stock thrice. The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation.

Drag and drop card between two piles. Click (or double click if configured so) a card to automatically make a move.