Animal Chess (Dou Shou Qi)

Animal Chess also known as Dou Shou Qi or, Jungle Chess is a two-player board game popular in East Asian countries. The game is played on a 9x7 board consisting dens, traps and rivers. Each player starts with 8 game pieces of their own color representing different animals of various ranks (or strengths) which are placed on one end of the board at the beginning. One player plays with RED colored pieces and the other player plays with BLUE colored pieces. RED starts first. Players alternate turn to play. Each player has a den on their side of the board which is surrounded by 3 traps. Additionally, two rivers are located in the center of the board comprising 6 squares in a 2×3 rectangle. Remaining area is divided into land squares. Players aim to race any of their pieces to the opponent's den to win. Players can also win by capturing all of the opponent pieces.

Ranking of animals from strongest to weakest: Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Panther, Dog, Wolf, Cat, Rat

A player cam move any of his/her pieces one square horizontally or vertically on his/her turn. The rules of the game are as following

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