Big Two

Big Two is a very popular cards game in East Asian countries. The game is played by four players with objective to be the first to get rid of their cards (similar to games like Crazy Eights).

Using a 52-card deck (without jokers) all players are dealt 13 cards each.

  • Cards are ranked 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A-2 from low to high. Suits also have an order from low to high as diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades. Two is ranked highest in the game. Two of spades is the highest card.
  • Cards can be played as a single card, or in pairs, triples or five card groups.
  • The player who gets three of diamonds starts the first turn and can play the card as part of any valid combination of single, pair, triple or five card groups. This leading card group sets number of cards which can be played for that trick by other players.
  • Subsequent players can only play a card or a group of cards if it is ranked higher than the previously played combination (successively higher in a round).
  • The combinations and its ranking is as follows
    • Single cards - Ranked from three (low) to two (High). For two cards of equal rank, higher suit wins.
    • Pairs - Ranked from three (low) to two (High). For two pairs of equal rank, the pair containing highest suit wins.
    • Triples - Ranked from three (low) to two (High). Suits are not required for comparison since there can only be one triple combination for a rank.
    • Five card groups - Five card groups are poker hands ranked from low to high as following.
      • Straight - Sequnece of five consecutive ranked cards in different suits***. Higher ranked straight wins over lower ranked straight. For two equal ranked straights, higher suit of the top card wins.
      • Flush - Five cards in same suit. A flush with higher suit wins over lower suit. For two flushes of same suit, the one with higher ranked top card wins.
      • Full house - Three cards of one rank and two of another rank. A full house with higher triple wins over lower triple.
      • Four of a kind - Four cards of one rank and any fifth card. Higher ranked four cards win over lower rank.
      • Straight Flush - Sequence of five consecutive ranked cards in same suit***. Higher ranked straight flush wins over lower rank. For two equal ranked straight flushes, higher suit wins.
  • A five card group can be beaten by a higher five card group (For ex, full house beats flush). Other card groups can only be beaten by a better combination of same number of cards.
  • Players can pass the turn if they don't have a combination to play or, they plan to use a card later in some combination.
  • Players go clockwise to play cards. Once all players have either discarded cards or passed turn for a trick, that trick is over and discarded cards are set aside. The trick is won by player who is last to discard cards (which also means he/she played the highest combination). Winner of a trick starts next trick.
  • A round is over as soon as a player discards his/her last card who also wins that trick. Other remaining players don't get a chance to discard their cards for the final trick.
  • Players get penalty points at the end of each round depending upon how many cards they have in their hand. For 9 or fewer cards players get one penalty point per card, between 10 to 12 two penalty points per card, and 3 penalty points if they have all 13 cards left at the end of a round.
  • The game is played for multiple rounds (5 rounds in this version) and player having lowest penalty points after last round wins the game.
  • *** Some variations of the game allow two to be both low as well as high when making straight combinations. This version only allows two as the high card in straight combinations.
  • Click a card to select and then click action button to play.