Clock Patience Solitaire

The aim of Clock Patience Solitaire is expose all cards before 4 Kings.

CLOCK - Four cards are dealt to each of the 12 clock positions in a clock-like circular layout.

CENTER - Remaining four cards are placed in the center. Top card of the center pile is turned face-up.

  • Twelve clock positions represent 12 hour clock.
  • Game starts with turning first card face-up in the center pile which is then moved to its resepctive clock position. For ex, Ace = 1 o'clock, Deuce = 2 o'clock. Jack goes to 11 o'clock and Queen goes to 12 o'clock position. King goes to the center pile.
  • After moving a card to its respective clock position (placed at the bottom of the pile), top card of that position is revealed which is again played similar to the first turn.
  • The game continues in this fashion revealing top card and then moving cards accordingly.

The game is won when all cards in the clock positions are revealed. The game is lost if all Kings are revealed and face-down cards are still present in the clock positions.

  • Drag and drop or, double-click to move cards.