Colorado Solitaire

Colorado Solitaire is a game of skill which is played with 2 decks of standard 52-cards set. The aim is to build four foundations up from Ace to King and another four foundations down from King to Ace.

TABLEAU - 20 tableau piles; One card is dealt face-up to each of the 20 tableau piles.

WASTE - One card is automatically dealt face-up to the waste pile.

STOCK - Remaining cards are set aside forming a stock pile.

FOUNDATION - Eight empty foundation piles.

  • A card from the waste pile can be moved to a tableau pile irrespective of its suit or rank.
  • Card from the waste pile ia also allowed to be moved to the foundation.
  • A card from the stock pile is automatically moved to the waste pile whenever the waste pile gets empty.
  • Cards can not be moved between tableau piles.
  • Only the top card of a tableau pile can be played to the foundation.
  • Whenever an empty space is created in a tableau pile, it is automatically filled with the card from the waste pile and waste pile is automatically filled with next card from the stock pile.

The game is won once all cards are moved onto the foundation piles.

  • Drag and drop cards between two piles.
  • Click (single or double) a card to automatically move to the foundation.