American Checkers (aka English Draughts)

  • A piece (called 'Man') can move one space diagonally forward to unoccupied dark square.
  • A piece which is diagonally adjacent to an opponent piece can jump diagonally forward to empty spot immediately beyond the opponent piece. Jumped opponent piece is captured and removed from the board.
  • Men are crowned if it lands on the last row in its forward moving direction. Crowned piece is called a 'King'.
  • Crowned piece (or 'King') can move one space diagonally forward or backward. Kings can also jump diagonally forward and backward to capture opponent pieces.
  • Multiple jumps are possible if another piece can be immediately captured.
  • If a man jumps to reach last row and crowned, current move terminates and it can not jump back to capture another opponent piece (if possible) in the same move. A king has no such restriction so if a king reaches last row after a jump in any direction it can continue capturing in opposite direction if possible.
  • Jumping is mandatory so if an opponent piece is available to be jumped and captured, it must be captured.
  • If more than one jumps or multi-jumps are available, player can choose any jump or sequenece of jumps.
  • The player who loses all his/her pieces or, can not move any of his/her pieces because of a bloackade loses the game.