Fox and Geese

Fox and Geese is a game of inequality in which one player plays with one fox and another player plays with 17 geese.

At the beginning fox and all geese are placed on the board. Fox starts first. Players alternate turns to move fox or geese on the board. The objective for geese is to block fox so that it has no legal move left whereas objective for fox is to capture geese so that it can no more block the fox. If fox manages to move past geese to lower row then it wins since geese can only move forward and can no more block fox. Fox can also win if geese have no available moves.

The fox can move along the line in any direction. Fox can also jump over a goose and capture it if there is an empty slot immediately after it in the jump direction. Captured goose is removed from the board. Consecutive jumps are allowed. Capturing is not mandatory.

Geese can only move in forward, sideways or diagonal direction but not backwards. It can not jump over the fox.

In case of a stalemate, if same board state is repeated 3 times, then game ends in a draw.