The objective of Hearts card game is to score as few points as possible. The game is played by 4 players and goes on for multiple rounds. The game ends once any of the players has scored 100 or more points. The player with lowest score wins the game.
All 52 cards of a standard deck (without Jokers) are equally distributed among 4 players so each player gets 13 cards.
Before each hand begins, each player selects 3 cards and passes it to another player. For first round, cards are passed to the player on the left. For second round, cards are passed to the player on the right. For third round, cards are passed to the player right across. For fourth round, no card is passed. After that same cycle of four rounds is repeated for passing the cards.
  • In each turn one player throws a card which is the suit to follow for all other players (called leading suit). If they have a card of the leading suit, then they must throw it. They can throw any other card only if they have no card of leading suit.
  • The first turn always starts with the player having Two of Clubs and the player must throw Two of Clubs only to start the play.
  • After all players have thrown one card each, the player with highest ranking card of leading suit takes all fours cards (called the trick).
  • The player taking the trick starts next turn and is allowed to throw any card of any suit except hearts rule described below.
  • The cards from the trick are set aside and are not available for play again.
  • There are penalty point for certain cards which are added to penalty points of the player who took the trick.
  • Any card of suit Hearts carries 1 penalty point. Queen of Spades carries 13 penalty points. No other card has any penalty point.
  • Cards are ranked from Two to Ace, Ace being the highest rank.
  • Hearts can never be thrown as a leading suit unless at least one of the Hearts was played in previous turns on other suits. This is called Breaking Hearts.
  • Once all 52 cards are played, the round ends and penalty points for the current round are totalled for all players and added to their overall penalty points.
  • If no player has reached 100 overall penalty points, game continues for next round.
  • After end of a round, if a player has reached to 100 or more penalty points, game ends and the player with the least overall penalty points wins the game.
There is one exception to how penalty points are added to overall penalty points of the player at the end of each round. If player manages to get all penalty cards (13 Hearts + 1 Queen of Spades), then the player gets no penalty point and other 3 players receive 26 penalty points at the end of the round. This is known as Shooting The Moon.
  • Click a card to select and then click action button to play.