Knight Fight

Knight Fight invented by Andy Lewicki is a two-player strategy game played on a 10x10 board. Each player plays with one knight of a different color (Black, or White) with the aim to collect more points than the opponent.

The board has 100 squares which are randomly assigned a value between 0 to 99. Both knights are initally placed outside the board. White takes the first turn and can place its knight to any square of the first row (A1-J1) of the board. Black on its first turn can place its knight on any available square of the last (10th) row (A10-J10). If the chosen square is numbered with 2 different digits, then its mirror number (for ex; 79 for 97) is erased from the board. If a knight lands on a double (like 77), player gets the option to erase one additional double (if available) from the board.

Subsequently players alternate turn to move to a non-empty (or a numbered) square and add that number to their score. Knights are moved like a Chess Knight (L-shaped jumps). It can not be moved to a square which is under direct attack from the opponent's knight.

Players only score the numbers, they visit and scored numbers are erased automatically. Players do not score numbers which were earsed for "mirror" or "double" rule.

The game ends as soon as any of the two players runs out of a legal move. At that point player with the higher score wins the game. If the scores are tied, the game is a draw.

Tips: Scoring high is important so look for a sequence of high scores. Since the game can end as soon as any player gets blocked, a player can knowingly block himself/herself out of the game and win if he/she is leading by points by that move. Keep an eye on the opponent trying to block themselves out of the game and win when leading by points.