Lau Kata Kati

Lau Kata Kati is a two-player abstract strategy game from Indian state of Bengal. The game is related to draughts. Lau kata kati belongs to a specific category of games called Indian War-games where all pieces are laid out in a patterned board with only one vacant point at the enter. Each player starts with 9 pieces which are placed on 8 intersections on opposite sides. White starts first. Players alternate turn to play. The aim is to capture all of opponent's pieces to win. The rules are as following

  • In each turn a player can move a piece one step along a marked line to an adjacent empty point (any direction; back, front or sideways).
  • A piece can capture opponent piece by jumping over it and landing to empty point just beyond it (similar to draughts).
  • Captures are manatory if possible and more than one capture can be done in the same turn if possible.
  • The game is won by the player who captures all of opponent pieces. A player can also lose if he/she has no available moves.