Maze Solitaire

All 52 cards are shuffled and laid out in 6x9 grid. First two rows have 8 cards and remaining rows have 9 cards. Kings are removed to create gaps.

The rules for moving cards are as following

  • A gap can be filled by a card which is of same suit as card on the left and one rank higher, or same suit as card on the right and one rank lower.
  • Gap to right of Queen can be filled with any Ace. Gap to left of Ace can not be filled.
  • All cells in the grid are counted as one row so the cells in the grid run from left to right, top to bottom. Last card in the grid (6th row) can be connected to first card in the grid (1st row) to complete a sequence.

Arrange 48 cards in four suit sequences from Ace to Queen to win. The gaps do not matter in the sequence.

Click on a card to see all possible moves and then click on a selected move.