Persian Rug Solitaire

Persian Rug Solitaire is a variant of Crazy Quilt Solitaire. The difference between Persian Rug and Crazy Quilt is that in stead of a waste pile, Persian Rug has 8 reserve piles and after dealing cards to the quilt, remaining cards are equally distributed and dealt to the reserve piles.

Four Kings and four Aces of different suits are dealt to 8 foundation piles. 64 cards are dealt face-up to a quilt like setup. Remaining cards are distributed equally to 8 reserve piles (4 cards to each pile).

The rules for moving cards are as following

  • Only the cards with at least one short side exposed are available for play in the quilt. Cards from the quilt can be moved to a reserve pile if it is of same suit and one rank higher or lower than top card in the reserve pile. Card from one reserve pile can also be played to another reserve pile using the same rule. Empty reserve pile can be filled with any card.
  • Top card of a reserve pile is available for play.
  • Cards from the quilt or a reserve pile can be played to the foundation. Four foundation piles starting with Ace are built up by suit and remaining four starting with King are built down by suit.
  • Cards from a foundation pile is allowed to be moved to another foundation pile of same suit. Cards from a foundation pile can not be moved to a reserve or tableau pile.

The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation.

Drag and drop card between two pile. Click (or double click if configured so) a card to automatically make a move.