Surakarta is an ancient Indonesian two-player strategy board game, played on a 6x6 board consisting intersecting lines and 8 inner/outer loops connecting intersections. The game has an unusal way of capturing opponent pieces which makes it a unique game in itself. Both players start with 12 pieces each, placed on opposite ends of the intersecting lines in the board. Any player can start first after which players alternate turn to play.

The objective of the game is to capture all of opponent's pieces to win. Players have two ways to make a move.

Non-Capturing Move - Player can move his piece to an empty adjacent intersection in any of diagonal or non-diagonal (orthogonal) directions.

Capturing Move - In order to capture an opponent piece, player needs to traverse along one or more inner/outer loops and any number of unoccupied intersections along the path and reach to an opponent piece. Jumping over a piece is not permitted. Captured piece is removed from the board. Capturing is optional.

The game is won once a player captures all of opponent's pieces.

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