Switch Spider Solitaire

Switch Solitaire is a new take on Spider Solitaire and played using one standard set of 52-cards deck. A combination of Klondike and Spider Solitaire, this game breaks the rules of standard gameplay making it even more interesting and challenging.
  • Switch Solitaire has 5 tableau piles and gameplay is much like spider solitaire except the twist in the way tableau piles are built. Tableau piles can be built up as well as down by rank.
  • All in-sequence cards (both up as well as down) in same suit can be moved from one deck to another.
  • Empty tableau can be filled with any card or in-sequence cards.
  • At the beginning two reserve cards are also dealt which can be played any time.
  • Foundation piles are built up by suit and can be started as soon as an Ace can be played. Unlike Spider Solitaire there is no need to build all suits in the tableau itself.

The game can be played using one, two, three, or all four suits. Most games are solvable, though the complexity increases as the number of suits go up in the game.

  • Drag and drop cards between two piles.
  • Click top card in the stock pile to draw cards to the tableau.
  • Double click card in the tableau or, reserve pile to automatically move to the foundation. This automatically moves all in-sequence cards in same suit to the foundation.