Tigers and Goats (aka Bagchal)

Tigers and Goats which has origins from Nepal and South India is a two-player board game. The game is known as Bhag-Chal in Nepal and Aadu Puli Aatam in Tamil (South India) (also known as Meka Puli Aata in Telugu, Aadu Huli Aata in Kannada). Though Indian and Napalese versions use different board layouts, the game has same objective in both places. The game is asymmetric in that one player plays with 3/4 tigers and other player plays with 15/20 goats.

At the beginning all tigers are placed on the board and all goats are placed outside the board. The player playing for goats starts the game and places one goat on the board. The player playing for tigers simply moves one tiger. In the first phase players alternate turns to place goats on the board or, move tigers on the board. Once all goats are placed on the board, second phase starts in which both goats and tigers are moved. The objective for tigers is to capture all goats whereas objective for goats is to block all tigers so that it has no legal move left.

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