Zodiac Solitaire

Zodiac Solitaire is a unique two-deck solitaire game consisting a unique layout. The game is named after its globe-shaped layout. The aim is to build 4 foundations up from Ace to King and another four foundations down from King to Ace.

EQUATOR / RESERVE - First 8 cards are dealt face-up onto eight piles which make up the reserve, also called the "equator".

ZODIAC / TABLEAU - 24 cards are dealt face-up to 24 piles in a circle surrounding the "equator" which forms the tableau, also called the "zodiac".

STOCK - After dealing cards to the equator and the zodiac, remaining cards are set aside forming a stock pile.

WASTE - An empty waste pile.

FOUNDATION - Eight empty foundation piles.

The game is played in two phases. In the first phase, all cards from the stock and the waste must be moved to the Zodiac or Equator. No card can be moved to the foundation in the first phase. The rules for the first phase are as following

  • Top card from the waste pile can be played onto the zodiac, or the equator.
  • Player can click on the stock pile which deals 1 card face-up onto the waste pile. Unlimited redeals are allowed so when all cards from the stock pile are moved to the waste pile, it can be moved back to the stock pile by clicking on empty stock pile.
  • Each equator pile can only contain one card. Empty equator pile can be filled from the waste pile.
  • Zodiac piles are built up or, down by suit. Change of direction is allowed. For ex; if a zodiac pile has 6 on top, a 5 or a 7 can be played on it. Aces and Kings are not consecutive so a King can not be placed on an Ace or, an Ace can not be placed on a King.
  • Cards from the equator can be moved to the zodiac.
  • Cards from one zodiac pile can not be moved to another zodiac pile, or to the equator.

Once all cards from the stock and waste files are moved to the zodiac and equator, second phase starts.

  • In second phase cards from the zodiac and the equator are directly build onto the foundation.
  • Cards can not be moved between zodiac piles or to the equator.
  • Four foundation piles must be started with an Ace (of different suits) and remaining four foundation piles must be started with a King.

The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundation.

Drag and drop card between two piles. Click a card to automatically make a move.

Double click top card in a zodiac pile to view all cards in that pile.